Free Golf for Fitness Flex Members


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Having a fitness membership just got even better with Fitness Flex!

Fitness Flex are now offering FREE golf at Hillies Golf Course every weekday as part of your membership.

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All we ask is that members follow the following steps to book:

  • Call Hillies Golf on 01226 754433 to book your “T off Time”.
  • Members must provide their membership number to reserve a place.
  • On attending, members must provide their membership cards.
  • If for any reason after booking you no longer require the booking, you must make it clear! You must call Hillies to cancel your reserved place & free up the space for someone else to book.
  • From time to time, T off times may become less vacant over the summer period.
  • Members may only book 7 days in advance.
  • All booking are subject to availability. 

    Hillies Golf Course
    19 Wentworth View
    S73 0LA
    01226 75443
  • Click here to view Hillies opening times!


    Don't have a Fitness Flex membership?

    You can sign up today and take up this fantastic membership benefit.

    We have the following venues:

    Metrodome Leisure Complex
    Dearneside Leisure Centre
    Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre
    Hoyland Leisure Centre
    Royston Leisure Centre

    Bircotes Lesiure Centre
    Retford Leisure Centre
    Worksop Leisure Centre

    Fitness Flex Mansfield

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