Fitness Flex Metrodome Gym Upgrade: August 2014


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At Fitness Flex we are committed to continuously making improvements at all of our venues for the benefit of our members and guests. With new fitness products on the market, we are always keen to offer the latest modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment at our venues.

We are delighted that Fitness Flex Metrodome will be the first gym in the UK to install the fantastic Pulse Series 3 Consoles. We are also pleased to announce a range of brand new stations, replacing over 90 pieces of equipment in Fitness Suite 1.

Following the opening of the Members' Lounge and Swimming Changing Room in July 2014, we are looking ahead to a major kit upgrade in the fitness suite with the latest Pulse technology.

Fitness Flex Metrodome, Fitness Suite Kit Replacement


  • Over 90 selected stations replaced in Fitness Suite 1
  • Pulse Series 3 Consoles - see below
  • New Smart System to record your progress and set your personalised programme

Members' Notice: We have strived to keep disruption to a minimum during this upgrade, however Fitness Suite 1 & 2 at Fitness Flex Metrodome will be closed on the 26th & 27th of August. During this closure you can access the other Fitness Flex facilities (Myride+ Studio and Group Exercise Classes) with your membership card. Thank you for your patience.

Introducing the Pulse Series 3 Consoles, coming to Fitness Flex Metrodome, 28th August 2014

4 console pic

Pulse's brand new Series 3 Consoles bring a whole host of added features to truly enhance your workout experience!

Work, Workout & Play!

These amazing consoles, part of the new cardiovascular machines, include a range of fantastic features and modern technology:

  • 18.5" interactive screens

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface and multi-touch gesture control

  • E-Scape Virtual Video Workouts - a range of HD videos with scenery and routes matched to your workout!

  • SmartCentre software to record your progress and activity - programmes can be set by the Fitness Flex team on request

  • Internet access available*

*At selected times, terms and conditions apply.







Fitness Flex Metrodome is the first UK to gym to receive the brand new Series 3 Consoles from Pulse!