We Have Frozen All Our Memberships


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You wont pay whilst your gym is closed 

Following Government instruction, we have closed our gyms temporarily. We have Automatically stopped your payments so there’s no need to contact us, we’ve taking care of everything. 

Please don’t cancel your direct debit, your PRICE FOR LIFE is locked in!

As your local health and wellbeing charity your membership is very important to us.

At Fitness Flex, the health and safety of our members, colleagues and self-employed Personal Trainers is our number one priority. Whilst Fitness Flex is closed we will endeavour to support our members as much as possible through tough times and ensure that the facility is clean, safe and ready for your return once we get the go ahead. We can’t wait to see you again…

Support during the closure...

Home Workouts

We have created a range of workouts that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home. Simply click here and subscribe to our Youtube channel to take part in daily workouts and join in the fun with our very own fitness instructors.

MyWellness BPL Virtual Workouts

Each day BPL is will give you access to 3 different types of home workouts (Easy, Medium & Pro) that you can participate in from home.

To get instant access to these home workouts, follow the steps below: 

  • Select your platform below and click the link to download below.
  • To access these workouts you must select ‘BPL Virtual Gym’ as your chosen facility.
  • Access 3 home workouts daily.  

  • Click here to download the Mywellness app from the App Store

    Click here to download the Mywellness app from the Google Play Store

    Health & Wellbeing Tips

    We all know how important it is to deal with the current changes made to your lifestyle. BPL has created some handy health & wellbeing tips. Click below to access our health and wellbeing articles.

    Working From Home During Isolation 

    Keep Healthy During Isolation

    We would like to thank all of our members for their support and we look forward to welcoming you back into Fitness Flex soon.


    I have contacted the NHS 111 helpline and have been advised to self-isolate – What do I need to do?

    Public Health England (PHE) has provided self-isolation advice via the following link:

    Self-isolation Advice

    If you have tested positively for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and have used any of our sites recently, please call 01226 730060 immediately.

    Is Fitness Flex open and operating as normal?

    No – we are temporarily closed. We’ll be back open as soon as the government lets us know it’s safe to do so.

    When will the gym reopen?

    The length of the closure will depend solely on when the government decides we are able to safely reopen.

    Our members, colleagues and self employed personal trainers are our number one priority. We will confirm via email when Fitness Flex will reopen.

    How do I freeze my membership?

    We have automatically stopped your payments so there is nothing for you to do.

    But to support you, we have put together a dedicated section to help you keep active from home. Follow the link to access the Home Workout Hub for Home Workouts, App workouts and top tips in keeping healthy.

    Information and support 

    This is a rapidly moving situation and we ask members to continue to visit the relevant websites below for guidance:


    Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)


    The World Health Organization

    We will update this webpage with any new information.