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Prepare to change the way you exercise forever with Les Mills 

Les Mills are the world's most in-demand workouts and they're available to you, for FREE as part of your membership.

Millions of people workout with Les Mills everyday across the world. Are you one of them?

Les Mills at Fitness Flex

BODY PUMP is designed to build strength, make you lean and toned & work all your major muscles.

See results FAST with this energetic barbell class - burn up to 540 calories per session pumping to fantastic music and encouragement from your instructor.

Not only is BODY COMBAT a great way to workout, it teaches you to punch and kick too!

Burn up to 740 calories per session in this high energy, martial arts inspired workout. Don't worry, you don't have to be Fitness Flex's answer to Bruce Lee and you won't come away looking like you've just done nine rounds with Mike Tyson! This session is non-contact, with no difficult moves to master.

Want to tone your abs, butt, legs; improve your posture; AND increase core strength? Try CX WORX!

Your core is - well, it's at the core of everything you do! You need to make sure that you look after it. In CX WORX you'll crunch and plank your way to a better you.

New to group exercise? Studies show that people enjoy group exercise sessions better than working out on their own in the gym.

Group exercise fans are likely to workout FOUR times more frequently than regular gym goers - what's to hate about that?

Ever hear of the phrase: consistency is the key to success? Les Mills release new routines to push yourself to and energetic music quarterly. Stick to it, you'll look great and feel great!

If consistency isn't for you, why not try switching it up by trying a different Les Mills Class. You can find class timetables to our sites here!

What are you waiting for? Get yourself booked onto the next Les Mills class!

Classes are available at:

Fitness Flex Dearneside

Fitness Flex Hoyland

Fitness Flex Mansfield

Fitness Flex Worksop

There are even more Les Mills classes available at Your Space Metrodome and Pontefract! Head over to the Your Space to Feel Good website to see the timetables.