Discover Myride+ at Fitness Flex Metrodome


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The Myride+ cycling studio is NOW OPEN, with a brand new group exercise timetable for all to enjoy.

Complete with state-of-the-art IC3 cycles, the studio boasts a fantastic interactive screen and the opportunity to enjoy a range of new classes.

Live sessions with instructors are taking place as well as additional virtual classes featuring forward motion video, a completely new experience compared to traditional studio cycling sessions.

The classes range in length from 20-60 minutes so even if you have a busy schedule you can find a class to suit. Classes also vary in difficulty level so newcomers to studio cycling do not need to be afraid! The Fat Burn sessions are designed for less experienced participants, while those looking for a serious challenge can enjoy Intervals sessions.

Check out the range of class types below, and as ever - should you need any help, support or advice our dedicated team are here - just ask!

Myride+ Live Classes
As the name would suggest, a live class led by a real live instructor, also uses forward motion video to enhance your experience.

Myride+ Classes
Featuring an on-screen virtual instructor to guide you through your workout.

Myride+ MySportif Classes
With an on-screen instructor to prompt you alongside the fantastic forward motion video - definitely a new experience and well worth a try!

Virtual classes also come with the following classifications:

Fat Burn: ideal for people new to studio cycling and great for fat burn exercise
Intervals: a more advanced workout featuring speed intervals
Sports: enjoy a sports style workout
Cardio: no prizes for guessing these sessions focus on a cardio workout in particular

So why not come on down and give the Myride+ studio a try? You can view the current Group Exercise Class Timetable here.