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Group Exercise Classes at Fitness Flex Bircotes

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From time to time, classes may change or be cancelled due to instructor cover. We will try and give as much notice as possible of any changes.

Group Exercise Classes


An aerobic and toning workout to music in the pool. Workouts can include jumping jacks, cross-country skiing motion and walking and running backwards and forwards. The water supports your body's weight making the class moderate intensity, easy on the joints and very effective.

  • Boot Camp

    A class that combines various exercises and movements to work different body areas in one class

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a head to toe fitness method. This mat based exercise class will take you through a conditioning routine to improve strength, flexibility and endurance and is a great way to build skills that will carry over into your sporting activities and everyday life.

  • Studio Cycling

    A class with a vigorous workout based in the fitness studio on our specially designed studio exercise bikes.

  • Body Tone

    Body Tone

    Increase muscular strength and tone and get your heart rate up. A great class for those that want too see a change in their body shape.

  • Ab Circuit

    Ab Circuit

    An abdominal workout with a focus on core strength and stability to improve your posture, training technique, ability, and body shape! This class is great for improving performance with certain sports, back pain and for withstanding abdominal muscles.

  • HIIT Circuit

    A high intensity interval training class. An INSANE workout for INSANE results in just 8 weeks! Get ready.

  • PIYO

    This unique total-body conditioning workout is inspired by the muscle-sculpting benefits of Pilates and the flexibility training of flowing yoga movements!

  • Tai Chi

    Tai chi is a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion